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Great information here.  If I brought back 25 boxes, it wouldn't be customs I'd have to worry about, but my wife. lol 

He took a picture of his cigars being confiscated.

I think it all depends on who you get at customs. Of course, I bet if the customs agent sees that you’re going to Cuba once a month and you’re bringing back 800+ sticks, they will likely be suspicious

1 hour ago, GotaCohiba said:

We told them what we had when asked

In Ft Lauderdale there were no more paper forms, just questions on a machine

Did the passport kiosk in Miami when we came thru and it just asks if you have more than 800$ to declare.

It's up to you to decide what you want to tell them.  No humans ever asked me anything about anything to do with tobacco or alcohol at either customs ports going out and coming in.

The Cuban side was more concerned with what they saw in the ex-ray machine as what they perceived as a rolled up painting?  It was a bundle of farm rolls wrapped in clear plastic and they grabbed the bag and pulled it out and clearly said "Oh, it's just cigars and stuck it back in to send us on our way."  Maybe I was just lucky cause I'm not going every other month to flip?

I felt it was up to me to decide which box I checked at the kiosk.  :unknown:

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