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  1. US. It’s been float around on local news channels about paying people up to $1500 to take the vaccine
  2. Definitely not getting this vaccine The fact that they are considering paying people to take is enough reason not to take it for me Best of wished to all those that take it
  3. Does anyone have a contact for going fishing while in Havana? I’ve been searching online, but haven’t been able to find anything Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide I plan to ride out to Hemingway marina, but would like to coordinate something before my arrival
  4. I’ve had no issues with buying the visa at the JetBlue terminal in the airport
  5. 3 thumbs up and a Hail Mary for El Aljibe Incredible meals for the money
  6. That Pacto Navio is good stuff and readily available
  7. There were 3 Punch DC cabs at Club Habana, now just 2 The Talisman are Feb 2019 and the Monte 80th is Dec 18
  8. Managed to get lucky on this trip and find a few harder to come by items With the help of a couple of family members and 2 friends I was able to return with the following Given the changes and current limit as stated by CBP at 50 cigars on this trip, this will most likely be my last bulk cigar visit Thankfully I’ve made enough trips and amassed enough to last me for many years None of which would’ve have been possible without the info gathered on this forum A huge THANK YOU to all that have assisted
  9. We told them what we had when asked In Ft Lauderdale there were no more paper forms, just questions on a machine
  10. Yes... total tally for the 3 of us was around 320
  11. It’s a 2-2.5 hr drive each way and when I was there he had plenty pre rolled and ready for purchase Still wouldn’t hurt to reach out to him in advance
  12. The good news is that my wife and daughter were with me and they didn't bat an eye when they told them that they had 100 ea and 3 bottles of rum Same agent
  13. I've always declared what I have That may change in the future due to this trip

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