Planning a family/leisure trip to Cuba...

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So I left Cuba in June of 1980 via Mariel Harbor. I was a month shy of my 4th birthday. I haven't been back since. The wife and I were looking into taking the 3 kids on a three city tour of Spain as a graduation present this summer, but that's a little pricier than we initially thought. I immediately pounced on the opportunity... "WHAT ABOUT CUBA?". 

I still have aunts and uncles in Pinar del Río. Cousins I've never met. I'm thinking about doing 5 nights total. I'm sure at least a day and a half if not two days will be full on with family. We're definitely going to stay in Habana. If I'm going to be traveling to PdR, should I look to book a room there for the time I'm there? What kind of tours are available in PdR to go to the fields? Are there any factory tours available in Habana? I see people's favorite paladares or hotels in the travel thread, but I'm not sure I've seen details on how to book tours or anything to the effect. Are these available to book before you get there? Once you arrive via maitre d'?

One or many thoughts on any of the above are greatly appreciated. Thank you guys! Here's to hoping my plans materialize!

Cheers all,


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No takers huh? No answer is wrong. I'm just curious as to where I'd book tours and things to the effect. The hotels and places to eat aspect are well covered on other threads. I guess I'll have to take to the internet if you all remain so bashful.

If this is a regurgitated subject, then I'll simply take some linked topics to go read. Thanks guys.

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1 hour ago, PrairieSmoke said:

Sounds like it will be a fun and meaningful trip for the family. I wish I had something to add, but I’ve never been there. Good luck with the planning!

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Thanks PS. It's a bit of a pilgrimage trip if you will. Go see where I lived the first few years of my life. Go check the factory my dad mixed clay to bake brick at. Spend time with folks that are my kin... Folks that "know" me even though I don't know them. I'm sure it'll be full of emotion and good times. The added bonus is the cigars angle. I just want to get to know a little more of my home town and its nuances, like all of those tobacco fields growing in its valleys. I'm gonna get my passport quest moving today. Thanks again for the well wishes. 

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Yup. My mom dropped off the one I never used back in 2004 when we were supposed to go and didn't. I've got the application and the whole shmear ready to go. Have to go take pics and get ready for an extra $400 donation to the fine Cuban govt. You know they're crazy about gusanos and our grubby money. LoL

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