FOH USA Fantasy Football - THANKS!

Guest Nekhyludov

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Guest Nekhyludov

Just wanted to share the results of the FOH USA Fantasy Football league and give a huge shout out to all the guys who played: @WhiteMamba, @jsummers157, @Head83, @zeedubbya, and @Tave1225.

@WhiteMamba did a fantastic job setting up the league and acting as commissioner throughout the season, and all the guys competed hard and made the league a lot of fun. 

And at the end, after I stumbled into a lucky, come-from-behind week 17 win, everyone came through with some truly amazing smokes! I'm incredibly grateful to all these guys and can't wait to dig into some of these sticks. Five of them will get set aside to pick up another year of age and go into the ante pool next year. Especially the Quintero :lol:

All you US guys should mark your calendars to check in on the CUNTUS thread in August to get in next season!







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I just needed Gronkowski to catch one 13 yard pass!!!!!! Maybe I’ll send that big oaf a Quintero to thank him for laying a fat goose egg in week 17...

Enjoy the cigars Joe..

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