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  1. Favorite thing every year! Love competing and losing my ass off every year lol.
  2. So with essentially an entire market now being removed, does that mean we will see more availability around the world? I see a lot more online orders coming out of Canada in the future as well.
  3. I was just wondering if we were doing this again, can’t wait! Will be an interesting season
  4. I can not recommend the book enough! I’ve read it three times and still learn something new every time. Anyone that asks me how and why we got so involved in the War on Terror I tell to read that book.
  5. I wish they came in a box of 10. Think It would be a much more appealing entry price not to mention, I can only imagine how big a box of 25 is on these jaw breakers!
  6. A lot of issues have already been brought up but want to say one other thing. Is the wedding inside or outdoors. If inside, is smoking allowed? Your soon to be wife will be pissed if guests are all sitting outside smoking cigars for 1-2 hours and not in with the party. Now, I did have a cigar bar at my wedding in Jamaica but it was outdoors with no restrictions of where or what was being smoked. I provided a box of NCs that were good but did not break the bank. I did that knowing a lot of guests either wouldn’t appreciate a fine CC and that many would just light one up, have a few puffs and then toss. I was so busy running from guest to guest and enjoying the evening that I never had time to light up my own stick but would steal a puff here and there from one of my groomsmen. Overall, it was a big hit at the party but just know it’s really for the guests and not you. Save the special stick for the calm after the storm the following week when you can enjoy it.
  7. Oh wow! This is awesome! Thank you so much @MoeFOH Here I was all super sad for missing out on the Sampler that I had to drown my sorrows in some whiskey And a new cigar ROTT and now my luck has turned!
  8. Only ever had the 10yr and toasted barrel. Both of awesome bourbons if you can find them at MSRP. Caramel and chocolate combo was extremely enjoyable.
  9. This was ROTT from my OLH as part of the shutdown. Our hosts have been holding them for almost 2 years for me so I was excited to try them. I figured a little college football and whiskey would be the best way to enjoy this since I’m not able to do much after having surgery on my foot to remove a rock from a motorcycle accident a few years back. I decided to pair it with a Michters 10 yr bourbon that has been excellent with strong hints of oak and caramel. Cold Draw. Decent Draw, little tight but with chocolate and sweet leather. Initial-dark chocolate with slight peanut after taste notes. Medium bodied with creamy mouthfeel 1st Third - The chocolate Maduro is really coming on strong and pairs well with this bourbon. It’s almost like enjoying a candy bar. There is a slight ammonia taste on the aftertaste, most likely from the shock of transportation all the way to Utah. The draw is a little tight but nothing bad, just wish it was a little easier. The burn is great so far 2nd third - moving into the second, the ash just fell off. It’s a nice and bright grey that are a sign of a good CC. The chocolate flavor is coming on even more vibrant. This is an interesting change from most other CCs due to the lack of Maduro wrappers. The flavor is not as full as most NC but very smooth and silky. The peanut aftertaste has left and been replaced by the sweet leather I got at cold draw. The slight ammonia had also gone away which is nice. Final Third - it seems like the ash falls perfectly at each third. Not much transition, just a strengthening of the the chocolate yummyness. The leathery notes are also building towards the very end. The burn has been perfect which is surprising being ROTT. Final thoughts. Overall, I am happy with this purchase. Much better than the Partagas Maduros I have had before. The flavor is just over mid but not as powerful as most NC Maduro. I’d give it a 89 currently but only because of the slight ammonia I got early on. That will level out after a little time in the Humi. The Michters 10yr was a great pairing with the chocolate and caramel flavors melding in my mouth. Total smoke time was 45 mins
  10. I’m just north of Salt Lake City so not too far off.
  11. Check out Harbor Freight as well, they have the cheapest hard plastic cases around.
  12. Well I had smoked a BPC earlier that same day but both were very different. Oh well!

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