When to give up (PLPC EML FEB 14)

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Sorry to hear about your woes. There has been lots of great answers. I would recommend you hold on to what you have left, wedge them in the back of your humidor somewhere, and forget about them for a few years. A 2014 box is atill very young in the scheme of things. PLPC and por larranaga in general really can take that 5-7 years to even start coming good. But its worth the wait. Ive had a box montecarloa go from tasting like earth to caramel basically overnight haha only took about 6 years.

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PLPC isn't a cigar that should be bland when new in anyone's judgement. Sounds like you may just have a bad box, although that's a box code that produced lots of great stuff.
PL as a marca doesn't typically go from bland to flavorful with time. It goes from a bit "mongrel" and one dimensional to smoother and richer with the caramel flavors. 

I smoke quite a few PLPC and besides this and the other great advice everyone else has given here I will add I like PLPC with a lighter wrapper. Seems to me the darker ones take quite a bit more time to come around to that Carmel Corn character. I have some lighter 2014s which are just making the change now.

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Maybe a higher humidity might help?  You could try putting a couple in a ziplock with a 69 boveda for a couple of months and see what that does.

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I find that young and aged PLPC are both preferable to those in middle age. The boxes I’ve had have not been great around the 3/4 year mark, but have invariably come good with more time.

Also worth noting that, in a 50-cab, you are pretty much guaranteed to have the work of several different rollers, so I’d advise writing off the whole cab on the basis of a few duds.

Its Cuba. Quality can vary hugely between cigars in the same box. Watch a few of Rob & Ken’s video reviews and you’ll soon see how often this occurs.

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14 hours ago, Slyclient said:

Damn those are beautiful!  I'm so jealous. LoL  I can smell them through my computer screen.

.... and they look exactly like yours....;):D

"Bland" is not an attribute I would ever associate with young PLPC. So there's something odd for sure. Excellent advice given already.

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I`ve been smoking through a 5er of PLPCs from 2011 and another 5er from TOS FEB 16.

The ones from 2011 are much smoother and have more of that caramel profile that many associate with PLPCs.

The ones from TOS FEB 2016 have some strength to them with hints of caramel and cream coming through as well.

I prefer the younger ones and look forward to sampling one from the cab of PLPCs (TOS FEB 17) that are on the way from a recent 24:24 sale. 

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