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  1. DBNInc

    What's for dinner?

    Few things can beat meats and cheese with some wine. Which cheese is that on the bottom left?
  2. Great choices, I also enjoyed Nas - Hip Hop is Dead Great thread! Lately I've been listening to a lot of older stuff, found my old 60GB iPod from the Bearshare days! Daft Punk - Discovery, Juelz Santana - From Me to U, Carlos Gardel (anything, especially when smoking)
  3. Love your setup, and nice view too! Where’d you get the table? Did you find live beetles, or some sticks with damage? It’s possible the eggs were dormant and woke up when the humidor warmed up enough. Also possible that the beetles came from outside the humidor, maybe they’re somewhere in your environment, or they came from a different humidor/box. Check any other humidors or boxes you have. I would just put the entire humidor, cigars and all, in the freezer for a week. That’ll kill whatever is in there.
  4. The Gatsby will also ping. The fake ping is different from a real ping, there are videos on YouTube comparing them. Pretty easy to identify a fake, the serial numbers are a dead giveaway. Plus, the fill port dot, weight, etc.
  5. This Putting boxes in the fridge before the freezer accustoms the beetles/eggs to the lower temperatures. It increases their survival rate in the freezer, forcing you to extend freeze time by days. Human bodies are ~70% water, cigars are ~13% water, freezing doesn’t affect them in the same way. Cello WON’T stop beetles, they’ll bite right through it. I’ve seen it. Not sure if Boxes will stop them either, they can probably burrow through soft wood or escape through tight spaces. For what it’s worth, I freeze everything other than FOH boxes. Box goes directly into the freezer for a week, then counter for half an hour, then into humidor. If every exported cigar is frozen, then freezing won’t change the flavor in any way, it’s already been frozen before!
  6. I’d never be able to smoke another Lusi, CoRo or Espy ever again!
  7. How is a leather armchair, a scotch and a cigar pretentious? Also, are 12 million Gurkhas a year actually being smoked?! Maybe people just throw them into fires as kindling?
  8. Sick grill! Brand? Nice! Where’d you get the cigar rest? Which cigar is that? What a view! Where is this?

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