Elvis Presley's Broken Cigar from 1976 - WTF?

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I have no idea how I stumbled onto the web page for a 2016 auction of some very odd Elvis Presley memorabilia, but I did.  One of the items was a broken cigar given to a fan the night of October 4, 1976.  What kind of cigar is this? :huh:  It looks absolutely horrible! :wacko:  


Here's the write-up from the web page:

An Elvis Presley cigar given to a fan on October 4, 1976. On that evening, Presley went out at 3:30a.m. and happened to meet some of his fans when he stopped at Vickers Gas Station. While speaking to them, he lit this cigar and noticed it was broken in the middle. A fan who was there, Betty Page – author of I Got Ya, Elvis, I Got Ya, acquired the cigar that night. Accompanied by the original Tobacco Corner Ltd. label and a letter of authenticity from Stephen Shutts.
Length, 6 1/2 inches


Another item included in the auction was a pair of the King's "tighty whities".  The winning bid was $2,560.  :potty:  


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