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For over 10 years I have been considering buying an Arlin Liss Humidor.  I occasionally visit his website to drool over his handcrafted humidors, and wonder which wood and specifications I would settle on.  One of the major problems with spending so much on a humidor is that, as we all know, whichever one you get, it will never be big enough.  At some point in the future, you're going to need another one!  Then there's the issue of justifying such a huge outlay...especially when you start counting up how many boxes of cigars one could buy instead!

Anyway, I find that I am sudddenly relieved of these problems, as the website says that the business is closed!!!  I am sure it cannot be more than 6-12 months since I have looked there, so this must have happened quite recently.  Does anyone know anything about this??

If you're not familiar with Arlin Liss, you can see some images here.

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Arlin closed his shop a few years ago and then reopened saying he didn't know how to do anything else except build humidors. He was getting up there in age, as we all are, so I hope all is well with his health and it is simply a business decision or perhaps just another break.

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I met Arlin years ago when he was first starting out and was making the circuit to market his boxes. He'd show up with one of his humidors full of nice sticks and offer everyone a cigar and a chance to check out his workmanship. 

He did some nice work appearance-wise. Can't recall hearing anything negative about the quality but can't speak to that on way or the other.

Nice enough guy.

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You saved yourself a lot of grief.  Arlin never understood what happens to designer hard wood when it is exposed to high humidity or the differences in stability/workability from one exotic hardwood to another. If he did, he didn't communicate this knowledge to his customers and steer them in the right direction.  Certain woods are more stable than others but he would make whatever the customer wanted and for a ridiculously high price.  Delivered, his boxes looked great but within a month or so more than a few exhibited signs of cracking that could not be permanently repaired or hidden and they would only get worse.  Insult added to injury, he refused to do the right thing by replacing.  He never provided written warranties and photos of his cracked humidors were circulated throughout the internet (especially on the cigar blogs) that I believe ultimately contributed to his closing.  Consider yourself lucky.

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