Weekly Blind Taste 1 - Pinot Noir


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i am assuming you want us to guess the wine, without tasting or even smelling it? not sure that is quite the concept of evans' options game. a bit difficult (and i'm not sure about the point)? am i missing something?

you may as well say, pick a number, any number up to infinity.

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Sample 2 Pinot Nior 


Clarity : Medium clear

Brightness: Day Bright

Colour: Light Ruby ( Cool Climate, evidence provide later)

Concentration: medium

Rim Variation: Colour

Evidence of Gas: No evidence of Gas

Sediment/Particles Viscosity:  Medium –



Flaws: Not clean: Volatile acidity 

Intensity: Moderate

Age assessment: Youth

Primary fruit aromas: Cherry,  little Rasberry

Secondary non-fruit aromas:  cinnamon, peppermint, oregano

Earth/Minerality:  very chalky, processing of earth farmyard, and heavy smoke oak, lightly vanilla

Wood: New american wood , Barrqiues



Sweet: Semi – sweet

Body: medium body

Frit : double confirm of fruit on nose, red cherry, raspberry

Non-Fruit: Double confirm nose of cinnamon,  -peppermint,  - green tea , violet 

Double confirm the new oak , more stony level , wood smell positive, smoked vanilla oak, no leather smell, - earthy 

Acidity:medium +

Alcohol: Medium +

Tannin: medium

Finish : Medium+

Complexity: Med


Initial Conclustion:

New world,  Cool  climate, grape varietal :Pinor Noir, country probably from Australia, Sub typical VIC Region Pinor Noir,  Age 1- 3 years,   ,


Final Conclusion

Australia Pinor Nior

Yarra Valley, Geelong or BeechWorth Pinor Noir.  Vintage of 2015 



Sample 1 :

Clarity : Clear

Brightness:   Bright- Day Bright

Colour:  garnet with yellow inside

Concentration:  Medium 

Rim variation: Rim edge 

Evidence of Gas no evidence

Sediment/ Particles viscosity: Medium+

Clean flaws,

 Delicate intensity,


Friut Armoas   Cheery , strawberry,  raspberry 

Non-Fruit : Floars, herbs, non liquorice

Earthiness:  Barnyard, 

Wood: French oak , large vintage oak cask 


Sweetness: Sweet 

Body : Full body 

Fruit : Blakc cherry, strawberry, and raspberry 

Non-Fruit:  Rose petal, cinnamon, and little bit green tomato 


Processing Confrimed: Earthy farmyard, heavey oak with sweet wood and vanilla , cask 

Acidity: Med-

Alcohol med

Tannin: low

Finish: Medium+ finish 

Complexity: Medium 



 Old world style Pinor Noir, vintage , from cool climate,  grape : Pinor Nior,

Age of 3-5 years vintage



French Pinor Nior, between 2010-2013


Sub region from mainly like Volany, or or Bourgogne 

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still rather bemused but also a bit fascinated.

just looking at the notes, be very interested to find out which pinot producer is using new american oak. i know of none and cannot think of any - which of course does not mean that there are not producers using it. i'm keen to see who.

can i also ask, without in any way raining on the parade, is the "barriques" coming from knowledge of the wine or from tasting?

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