HDM Du Prince SOM Jun 16: Discontinued cigar review weekend

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371e7aa457f7d30fdb1790afd4af0334.jpg Just started a du prince, this is a young one and first from the box that I have sampled. Getting a little citrus and a lot of dark coffee notes here in the beginning. As I continue the vanilla is becoming more prominent. I'd say it is medium-full flavored, medium strength.

f698019ce8b821e05cdb4e6cb7bbcd6e.jpg Into the second bit of this cigar on this rainy afternoon in North Carolina and it really ramped up the tastiness with more vanilla and milk chocolate on the finish. So far it is a very good cigar. About 90 points on my arbitrary scale, just a little bitterness at times that I hope will smooth out with age.

I believe this is the first Du Prince that I have had and I am glad that I bought a box. The Epicure #2 was the first Cuban cigar that I had so Hoyo de Monterrey is looked upon fondly in my humidor (Tupperdore).

Getting a little cuban barnyard note, which I like (I was born in dairy country, Wisconsin so that aroma always takes me back). The cigar is predominantly creamy-vanilla-cocoa at this with about an inch to go and very delicious. b51fcc978b4a37e2c028dfaf140321e8.jpg

Hope everyone is enjoying whatever cigar they are smoking today! I know I am.

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