Partagas Petit Corona Cabinet Selection, A-SU-SS (06/98): Discontinued Cigar Review Weekend

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A cigar I smoked regularly with glee back in the day. Love seeing it again--and I wish that cab was mine!

There's a reason Party Lonsdales/Coronas/PC/TPC, especially in cabs, have always been very difficult to find in retailer's vintage stock for well over a decade. They still pop up in auctions, but that's about it. All the Party 42 RGs were running so strong through the 90s until about 98-99. What Cuban cigars are supposed to be.

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Ahhh... you're killing me! What a damn nice review of a venerable cigar. This cigar really is the cigar that brought me into the petit coronas fold. How this cigar got discontinued is beyond me. Yet, putting together another mediocre cigar and shoving it into a cab and calling it a Partagas Petit Coronas, like they did the PLPC, would not be fitting end.

Great read, great review, classic old style Cuban cigar!

Love ya' brother! -Ray

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Nice review on what looks like a damn tasty cab that you got there! A real shame such a lot of those true bread&butter cigars had been axed. Still hard to fathom - even from a marketing standpoint.

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