Shipping/freezing cigars?

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Maybe a silly question, but just thought of this. I ordered some cigars from 24/24, and I guess from where I'm located , its very possible that these may get froze in travel. I assume this isn't an issue? They may even get froze/thawed a few times really.....

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HSA deep freezes all the sticks that leave the island for export to kill tobacco beetles/eggs. The only sticks that arent frozen are those bought on the island. I (and most others) freeze purchases made on the island for about a week before transfering to the Humi to settle. Long story short, its not an issue. 

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Kind of a side note, if we think about all the travel involved in getting cigars to our humidors - from producer, to regional distributors, to local distributors / shops, to us - planes trains and automobiles and all the climate changes that go along with those travels, we might be inclined to find that cigars are tougher than we think.

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One last point, if your cigars are facing conditions where they'll freeze then thaw out and freeze etc be sure to check each cigar for white mould. The condensation on the wrapper will feed mould spores.

They'll only require a wipe off if you do indeed find white mould. 

If you intend to freeze cigars on purpose just do a quick check on this forum history for tips on the safest way to do it.


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