Thoughts on the Cohiba Lancero?

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Honestly, construction issues have kept me from going full court on a box and stashing them. Would hate to spend that coin to have half the box plugged!

Honestly unless you are grabbing a box from 1999-2002 I wouldn't worry about it that much. Recent production has suffered a lot less.

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Cohiba Lanceros are, as noted by a few above, are a wonderful cigar. There are also many other slim ring gage cigars that are extremely good. I have a number of them in my regular rotation including LGC Medaille D'or #4 and #3, Quai d'orsay Panatellas, both the monte Especial #1 and #2. Even some of the cheap and cheerfulls such as the ERDM Demmi Tasse and the Por Laranaga Pantella are enjoyable slim smokes that dont set you back a lot of coin.

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I'm astounded by the wealth of knowledge everyone here is sharing. I came in curious about one cigar and this conversation has opened a lot of doors and made me want to try even more cigars that I really didn't know much about.

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I love the lancero sizing, too. I wish more companies would bring them back. Right now I have a few LGC N3, two boxes of HDM HDG, some singles Including a few Cohiba Corona Especiales, and a box of QDO Panatelas on their way. The Cohiba a Corona Especiales are a great stick if you'd like to try them before the CoLos.

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