The Cubans are finished!

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Very nice and doesn't surprise me that they were so accommodating. I met one of the owners last month. Very nice gentleman. He gave me 5 free cigars to try when I said I hadn't heard of his company. They are bringing a line to the US this year. Tierra Volcan. They're pretty darn good sticks, although I wish they had something in a smaller RG.

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Awesome story and photos mus, I'm curious on the cigars, they good? and you planning on smoking or keeping yours? I'd keep the one I made i reckon.

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Mombacho Cigars is actually a Toronto based cigar company. I had my first Mombacho cigar about 5 years ago at a cousins wedding.

I kept asking the person who gave me the cigar about them, because I had never heard of the company. Turns out he is a co-owner/investor in the company. If you look at their contact information you will see that it is a 416 area code phone number

Very nice roll BTW

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The cigar I rolled will not be touched. I think I'll just keep it as a momento. No plans to smoke it ever.

Didn't learn much about the company and who they were. I did talk about ring gauge and they said they were bringing out a 46 size cigar soon.

I tasted a toro sized cigar and the petite robusto sized cigar. Robusto is stronger but both have a earthy sweet flavour to them. I'm not a NC fan by any means but these I could stomach. Not bad at all. For 3 bucks each I'd certainly have them in my humidor for the every now and then.

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