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  1. How your port visits go better than mine. I had you take care of my cigars for all of a week because we smashed into Protecteur. My 4 month Westploy lasted 2 days
  2. Less than 3 weeks. The Irish should set the tone for the season by handling Texas in the opener. I want to see if Zaire is comfortable sitting in the pocket when a play breaks down or will he just scramble and run Go Irish
  3. Thanks for the responses Sadly it is not just the fans. It seems to be the top part of the unit, the part with the motor and digital display. I don't think it's the white ribbon either as I have had it replaced a few times. I've been trying to figure out if it is just the AC adapter or the whole unit. Im having an electrician friend have a look at it on Saturday. Just looking at my options.
  4. Hello all, Looking for a bit of help in regards to replacing my Hydra with another active humidifier. I would get another in a heart beat. I purchased it about 8 years ago for my small Aristocrat end table. I have had no problems. Eight years ago it was either The Hydra or Cigar Oasis. It's not something I have looked at in years. Has technology changed that much recently. I am open to suggestions. Thanks David Victoria BC
  5. Victoria/Langford for me. Living here now for 18 months. Love it out here
  6. Mombacho Cigars is actually a Toronto based cigar company. I had my first Mombacho cigar about 5 years ago at a cousins wedding. I kept asking the person who gave me the cigar about them, because I had never heard of the company. Turns out he is a co-owner/investor in the company. If you look at their contact information you will see that it is a 416 area code phone number Very nice roll BTW
  7. Hey Keith, Condolences on the loss of your dad. I feel like an idiot now sending you text messages about other things, not knowing what was going on. Prayer said for your father tonight Laura and I
  8. I can see Dantonio from Michigan St move to Texas. I don't have that big of a problem with Ohio St in the BCS game actually They ran their schedule and if they beat MSU on Sat, then they deserve to be there A lot is to be said about being undefeated I can see Mizzou with their WRs giving Auburn trouble Anyone listen to Finebaum or Bill King today?
  9. Paul Finebaum's radio broadcast tomorrow it's going to be the best one ever It was awesome to listen to last year when they lost a game, but this year is even sweeter because lost to Auburn Looks good on Saban for getting the review done to add that last second back in the clock I hope the tigers jump Ohio state
  10. Keith Glad to hear you got the ending you wanted. I know first hand some of the drama you had to endure. Was great to have shared a few cigars with you while you were on the east coast
  11. Screw you Brian Kelly and your empty backfield on 3rd and 1 I'm off his wagon I blame Golson for this mess Screw them both
  12. http://www.cedia.org/inspiration-gallery/here-come-the-irish How is this for a game watching basement!
  13. Make it or break it next week in South Bend. I am trying to figure out what Kelly wants with his offense this year. We are throwing way too much We had 19 plays vs Purdue with an empty backfield. We need to get Zaire in soon
  14. Hey Keith, A buddy of mine just graduated his SAR Tech course Here is a video from the course
  15. Hurling is a great game, we started up a GAA club here in Halifax last year. Mostly ex pats but a few thrown in from Canada for good measure. Our city newspaper had an article on us last year. This is the online version. I was featured on the front page of the paper playing Gaelic Football in the print version http://thechronicleh...ow-hurley-burly Come on the Lilly Whites!

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