Iron Bowl(Auburn vs Alabama)

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Greatest college (or any) football game ever played!

As an Ole Miss fan, I didn't have a dog in that fight, but I have learned to hate bama fans living here, so this win by Auburn made up a little of my hurt over losing the game Thursday night.

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2007? No. Close but 1997 Rose Bowl was better.

I watched Auburn a lot this year including the past two weeks. Malzahn is an excellent coach and a little luck is always helpful.

I really hope Buckeyes don't force us to watch them get destroyed in BCS Championship game.

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Great game. Took a little of the sting out of my Clemson tigers losing last night to South Carolina for the fifth time in a row

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The kind of ending where you are glad you watched it,because the whole world will be talking about it .

Also,the complete turnaround, first the extra one second on the clock,everyone was expecting overtime,and then's over.


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Paul Finebaum's radio broadcast tomorrow it's going to be the best one ever

It was awesome to listen to last year when they lost a game, but this year is even sweeter because lost to Auburn

Looks good on Saban for getting the review done to add that last second back in the clock

I hope the tigers jump Ohio state

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Go Buckeyes....IF they beat Sparty ol Urb better have them ready for National Champ game...Tired of seeing the Buckeyse lay an egg in big games and hearing SEC fans run there mouth....

If osu is in the national championship game I give up on college football. The Big 10 is weak this year and they don't deserve a shot at the national championship game especially after being a 2 point conversion away from being beat by an unranked team yesterday. I fully understand where your loyalty lies though brutusthebuckeye...

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I can see Dantonio from Michigan St move to Texas.

I don't have that big of a problem with Ohio St in the BCS game actually

They ran their schedule and if they beat MSU on Sat, then they deserve to be there

A lot is to be said about being undefeated

I can see Mizzou with their WRs giving Auburn trouble

Anyone listen to Finebaum or Bill King today?

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It was a great game ! Sorry guys but the SEC at this point is unbeatable. Academic programs have 0 chance.

If Texas doesn't care about their football players future and just want to win I say they picked the best coach in the nation.

BCS- Until this game goes to conference championship play off they are just guessing at the best team. Seriously what professional sport today is judged like gymnastics. Style points ? Are you kidding me. Oregon depended on style points to get in the top 5. Without putting up 60 points on Savanna State they would be nowhere near the top 15. And in the end Arizona and Stanford took it to them. When your hopes to play in the title rely on others loosing its just ridiculous. And the 4 team play off coming next year will be worse than what we have now. Not only will the SEC win out in the foreseeable future but the SEC and ESPN will fight to keep it to a 4 team play off as long as possible.

This year if they took the top four teams, Its an SEC playoff with Alabama taking the win. Ohio State nor Florida State are anywhere near Alabama or Auburn.

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Oh. I dunno. I think FSU could beat Auburn in a neutral site. FSU is absolutelty loaded at the skill positions. This is a very good football team. There are several good teams though. Ok State. ASU. Michigan St. All good and nowhere near BCS title game. I would personally like an 8 team playoff. And no, I don't give a crud about 'studying', 'exams', etc. Pay FCS (div 1) players and let us enjoy football in its best form.

Rant off...


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