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  1. Enjoying a beautiful Edmundo. Pure smoothness with coffee and cream. Monties are amazing.
  2. Anyone try L'Atelier Cigars I had a few the other day and was very impressed...
  3. I broke into some number 2's that have been roasting in my humidor for about 3 years... All I can say is CRACKER !
  4. by monte edmundo... These cigars pack a punch and are like a chocolate coffee stick. Awesome smoke.. My humidor is filled with Montes. 4 2 edmundo...
  5. The USA is being driven into the ground. For some reason 50 percent of our population wants what Europe has more vacation earlier retirment less productivity. Wait how does that work again.. Who pays the bills.
  6. I put a box of psp unicos down for 1 year. I would rank this cigar against anything. Incredible cigar.
  7. I like D's Better seem to be more spicy and better taste.
  8. I see no problem with legal prostitution or legal/controlled drug use. If you cant stop it monitor it... The amount of money we spend on fighting the war on drugs is just silly. You can ask any drug addict how hard it is to get drugs on the street. The war on drugs is a failed strategy. Marijuana is now being legalized in the states and I would like to see other harder drugs be legalized in a setting where users can walk in and use them. Tax the **** out of all the drugs and provide free rehabilitation.It would be much cheaper to do that then do what we currently doing on a failed strategy. Same with prostitution... Personally I don't care for *** people but they should have the same rights as everyone else.
  9. the prices on these cigars are just ridiculous. That is the problem I find is that Cubans for the money are just too good to pass up.
  10. That is a hard one it depends so much on the quality . When both are tops flip a coin. I have had some real average d4 lately but when you get those dark oily wrappers they are so dam good. BRC are smoking very nicely but also have had some dogs.. This is the one thing about Cuban Cigars the quality control just sucks and it seems likes it like its been with every box I buy. The only exemption right now is anything in the HDM line. PURE QUALITY ... MASTER CRACKER
  11. Anyone have any favorites ? I have been told from various Cuban cigar smokers that some Nicaraguan Cigars are as good if not better then some Cubans.
  12. Cigars are like wine and art... After a certain price you are just flushing money down the drain..... To me 12 buck per cigar is max...
  13. Yes I am starting to hear the same from many people.
  14. Any online dealers that sell Cuban Rum for the US.
  15. I had 7 solid Monte 2's from my last box.... That is 42 bucks a pop. It goes without saying I will not be buying anymore monte 2. For some reason the Monte 4's are dead on but for others they have better luck with the monte 2.. go figure...
  16. I bought a few boxes from Canada at a local shop.. The reys were from 2011 and they were excellent the colonials were 2013 and are pure crapola. Something about this cigar much like the monte 2 draws me back in only to be disappointed over and over.

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