OT - Anyone a Notre Dame Fan out there ?

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Make it or break it next week in South Bend. I am trying to figure out what Kelly wants with his offense this year. We are throwing way too much

We had 19 plays vs Purdue with an empty backfield. We need to get Zaire in soon

I am not sure what is going with the team. The Defense looks flat and the offense is a mess. The secondary is the worst I have seen. Brian K talked about opening up the playbook with Rees. My god in the Purdue game I saw the same plays over and over. I hope they get a new game plan for Michigan State because they are going to need to throw down field to win this game. As far as our running game lets start the two Freshman. Bryant looks like a bruiser.

Heading to the Dallas Game and Oklahoma Game in South Bend.


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Michigan got so lucky last weekend.. If it wasn't for Terrible Big Ten officiating Michigan would have had a L next to Akron. You guys are treading water just like Notre Dame. In the end Oregon, Texas A & M and Bama would flatten both of us. Clemson is looking mighty solid as well as Florida State.

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Well we are 3-1 and Oklahoma is coming to town ! Do you think we stand a chance after our inability to run the ball ? Jesus what is going on with coaching these kids. We have more talent this year and we look terrible. Its time to give Zaire a chance.

Bringing my Hupman Robustos to South Bend for the Oklahoma Game.

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