Cape Town, South Africa


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I was in Cape Town for a congress meeting and found a nice spot to smoke a ciagr. The Westin at the convention center has a very nice cigar lounge called Ralieghs. They have a very nice selection of smokes. Among the standouts they had a box of some Cohiba 1966, Behike 54s, Cohiba Genios, and Siglo IV (among the other siglo range). They also had your standard boxes like Monte 2s, 4s as well as decent ragne of Romeo offerings. I picked a BHK 54 and it was fantastic and it cost $27, which I think is very reasonable. They also have a good selection of single malts and make some very good mojitos. They have a wide screen tv so you can watch some premiership which is what I did. So if you're heading to beautiful and gorgeous Cape Town give them a try.

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whoops, I meant to say a box of Siglo VI on hand and to add that I found the storage conditions to be good given how bad they can be even in the best hotels.

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I can strongly recommend the Bascule bar in the Cape Grace Hotel down in the V&A Waterfront at the port. Huge Whisky selection and when I was there last a few years back a good choice of smokes too!

Fun and knowledgeable staff behind the bar, great atmosphere and a nice view onto the Marina. Celebrated a Birthday of one of our crew members there, nasty night...

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Forgot to get feedback here. I actually only went to the Taj Hotel. They have a cigar lounge and a limited range of cigars. (i bought a PSD4). The cigar was good, and i liked the ambiance of the place, very nice. Me and friends went there after a night in the town we ended up at the Taj about 12;30 and were there till 04:00 both times. Chilled place !!!

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