Wine grapes in a cigar?

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Let me start by saying that I do not enjoy doing reviews....I only enjoy reading them. But this was an unusual, and pleasant, experience for me so I decided to share it.

Date: 8/18/12

Time: 13:00-15:00

Weather: Shitty. Rain.

Music: Young the Giant

Beverage: Pliny the Elder (double IPA, Russian River Brewery), water

Cigar: '08 Edmundo Dantes Conde 109


First 1/3: Immediately upon being lit.......Boom! The sweet taste of wine grapes. I know this taste from way back as we used to steal wine grapes from my neighbors grape vines when I was a kid. Well, that's not right!. Must be the weather. Or the strong IPA I am drinking. So I switch to water. But it continues. Wow! What a pleasure-full flavor profile.

Second 1/3: More of the same. But now the wine grapes have been dumped into an old leather baseball glove. Cigar Bliss!

Last 1/3: And on, and on, and on.............

Subjective score alert: 99

Question: Has anyone else tasted wine grapes or anything similar in a smoke? It was so made my head spin.



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Subjective score alert: 99

What would have tipped it over the top to a perfect 100? What would have tipped it down to a 98?

Excellent review. Still have not touched the '07. You're making me shiver in excitement.

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