The Great Thing About Dads Who Smoke Cigars

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My Dad is enjoying a well deserved Vegas Vacation right now and he called me from Casa Fuente at the Forum Shops:

Dad: "How are you doing?"

Me: "Good. Buying some paint for the baby room, you?"

Dad: "Sitting at Casa Fuente smoking a house blend and eyeing a Between the Lines."

Me: "Sweet, what size?"

Dad: "No idea, but I did get you something I think you will like."

Me: "Awesome, really? Can I ask what it is? "

Dad: "A half dozen each Casa Fuentes Robustos and Opus X Petite Lancero."

Happy Vegas Vacation to me :)

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Very nice- one word of advice- the Casa Fuentes do not age well, you're best to smoke them right away. I just smoked a Casa Fuente corona gorda that I've had for nearly a year and they were getting rather bland. The flavors were still there, but very muted. They were amazingly good to smoke when fresh.

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