Partagas Serie E #2

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Recently read that this release will be arriving in stores very soon, if not already.

It is 5 1/2 inches long with a 54 ring gauge.

According to a well known cigar magazine this would fall into their corona gorda category.

Corona Gorda?? are you kidding me? Methinks that someone is smoking something other than Tobacco.

I would call this a Robusto Extra

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I agree 100%, I think we both read the same article, and in that magazine in their bi-monthy reviews, they classifid the brickhouse mighty mighty a 6x60rg cigar in the corona gorda categorie...

according to habanos this is a "duke" vitola no?

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It's odd... their reviews generally are relatively accurate... except for this category. It seems to just be a catch all category, anything that doesn't fit "figurado, corona, petit corona, churchill, DC, robusto" is automatically corona gorda. Terrible.

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