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Hi all. My name is Gary and I am originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada but moved to Richmond Hill, Ontario (part of the Greater Toronto Area) about 10 years ago. I have long been interested in cigars and have found collecting, smoking and learning about them to be a great hobby.

I have been poking around the forum here for sometime but decided it was time to join up and make it "offical". I look forward to getting to know some of the other members and maybe even meeting up with some of the local Toronto members at events.

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Welcome to FoH, there is a herf on august 27th if you want to join in, the info is in the waterhole forum.

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Welcome to FOH gary. We are ahving quite a large herf in honour of Rob's visit all teh way from Australia on Aug 27th here in Toronto would be great if you could join us.

here is the link:


Hope to see you there.


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Thanks all for the welcome. I am interested in going to the herf on the 27th. I assume I need to post that on the link that tmac77 posted?

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