Correnti Robusto & Imperial -- Any Good?

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I smoked both the Robusto and Imperial that I purchased from Correnti while in Toronto at my local B&M on Saturday the 13th. The selling point behind Correnti is that in a land of extreme tobacco taxation Correnti is the only local producer rolling their cigars with Cuban leaf for a reasonable price ($9-$15). If the leaf is Cuban only an expert would know . . . . . . . . . . .

My notes on both cigars are as follows:

- Cuban?

- Bland

- Sour

- Lots of smoke

- White Ash?

- Taste of cardboard

As you can see I didn't really think that much of the Correnti cigars I sampled. I would happily take a trip up to LCDH Toronto next time vs. smoking more of these.

Note: The opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine alone. My review in no way represents the opinion or views of or Cigar-Czar.

Cheers and Happy Smoking!

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Seems that appears to be the general consensus of those who've sampled their smokes. Hmmm :thinking:

Maybe they should add a few multi-country tobaccos to it to even it out with some flavor. I suggest a little Mata Fina Brazilian and raunchy Honduran as an additive...

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Aaron,send me an e-mail regarding the cigars I wanted to bring you on tuesdays but we couldn't get together due to your workload.How did you enjoy your stay in Toronto?Hopefuuly positive.


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I have some correnti's sitting around somewhere and can dig them out for anyone that may be willing to give a second opinion.

I have a feeling that there will not be a rush of takers on this offer.


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