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DEEPDISHPIZZALOFFA (2).pdfpost-9736-0-86507800-1313405519.jpgpost-9736-0-97214900-1313405518.jpgpost-9736-0-12707600-1313405518.jpgpost-9736-0-34943500-1313405517.jpgpost-9736-0-60434100-1313405516.jpgpost-9736-0-22828500-1313405515.jpgpost-9736-0-33656400-1313405514.jpgpost-9736-0-49873400-1313405513.jpgpost-9736-0-26364100-1313405512.jpgpost-9736-0-14163700-1313405511.jpgpost-9736-0-56078700-1313405458.jpg

Sorry,got the pictures kinda backwards,and i don't know how to change them around.

one more thing,when you have everything in the pan, level everything and after you top it with the

second dough,get a scissors and trim both piece of dough and then bring it inside to make the top crust.

If there are any question,just post and will answer them.

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That sure does look yummmmy, I will have to try one.

Thanks for sharing. :wink2:

*DITTO!!! :hungry: :hungry: :hungry: :hungry:

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That looks delicious,but do you know the show Man VRS Food .Look what happened to him .36 years old and died of a massive heart attack. Everthing is good in moderation .And no this isn't your mother

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