San Cristobal - La Punta OEB MA07

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On a clear cold Perth evening, have cranked up the outdoor heater, poured a shot of Highland Park 16yr scotch whisky and set about reviewing the San Cristobal - La Punta.

Pre light - slightly veiny wrapper / milk chocolate colour

- soft spots near foot

- sweet tobacco smell

- slightly loose draw / sweet hay flavour

Fist third - buttered raisan toast

- smooth / no harshness

- uneven burn requiring touching up

Second - slight spice on the palette / nutmeg flavour coming thru

Last third - nice tobacco flavour

- combination of the toast / spice flavours

Smoke lasted 1 hr 20min

Overall - smooth enjoyable smoke

- not overly complex

- leaves a pleasant after taste






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great review mate :huh:

You hit a La Punta dead square in the middle of the bell curve of their flavour profile. A typical la Punta.

I find when they are a touch fuller (to the right of that bell curve) they deliver so much more as everything becomes so much more defined and intense.

A great change of pace cigar when you nail the right one.

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