our prez - lying heap of steaming...

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i mean that in the nicest way.

currently in singapore so hope to be back tomorrow.

as our lying heap of crap knows, i'm all for the volcano!! it meant i had to spend an extra week on the most luxurious 30m cruiser you could imagine, with some great friends, nearly twice the crew as passengers (and thanks to my friends' genorosity, the only costs were the occasional bottle of burgundy and a long lunch or two). we floated up and down between cannes, nice, antibes, port galice, st tropez, monte carlo and more. heaven.

as far as i am concerned, the volcano is welcome to explode any time.

and athough the stumbling wombat and i have a couple of things to chat about, i've just come out of the shower in the first class lounge (no, i have no idea why they think i should be in first class either), having a gin and tonic and champagne - not all in the same glass, and happy as.

and i thought i'd overcatered for cigars on the trip, especially as i had no chance to smoke any in italy, however, worked out perfectly. finished my last slr dc on the last morning. and let me tell you, enjoying one of hamlet's finest on the top deck as the wonderful staff - i am now very used to being called Mr Ken - bring another martini as gorgeous women float by while in the monte carlo marina, is surely close to as good as it gets.

whatever the pirate has been feeding you are lies. full report and photos when back and my computer working again.

rob, if you want to do a vid, monday might be good.

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Great to hear from you again.

As you have noticed, everyday life on the Med. can really be a ***** and hard work. B)


No one can understand that if they haven't lived it. COURAGE MATE.

Have a safe trip back. :P

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Great and harrowing report Ken ! Glad you survived so much hardship !

I think you gotta head at least from the Gold Coast to pick up the frantic way of life of us mediterrannean :P And have good friends on that one :o

Singapore is good transition btw, quite a bit inspired from the french Riviera.

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