show me ur dip 4

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ok here we obsession with dip 4...

good construction.nice wait in the hand....clipped.toasty thinking new..godd draw nice and easy as with all dip my opinion

upon leather..hint of cloves..maybe paprika..just a little.more the nose than the throat..hint of white pepper through the nose...just a little which is good for a young smoke..yes...ash holding on well..nice whitey know what i mean.drinking ron matusalem gran reserva 15 yr solera..nice..goes well with the smoke.

started to get a little sweet on the tongue..went from new leather to old leather..maybe including the laces(im just puttin it out there).....smoke still abundant.almost chewy...never had a problem with dip 4s and smoke production.

has what i would call the cigar tobacco taste..leathery tobacco...barnyardy....

earthiness all the way through..white pepper through the nose softly at the start.. then hello here i am..then slowly dissappeared through to the finish...didnt get real hot all the way through.burn was awesome ...even had two lifts in the wrapper..burn striaght past it keeping straight all the can you possibly buy anything else...p...c....price...consistancy....price....awesomeness..price...






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I really need to get these before they're all gone!

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My only experience with a Dip 4 was a couple of singles from 03. They were the smoothest cigar I have ever had. Absolutely amazing.

I will be the 93rd person to say on this fourm that it a damn shame they are now disco. I love a good Petit Corona and it seems the selection is getting smaller.


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Thanks for the review Deano, great description. I last had a Dip in oh, maybe 2001 or something. Might have been a Dip 5, didn't do anything for me then but looks to be worth a look - huh, now they are being discontinued... :D

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