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  1. Many blessings, Lisa! Congratulations on the motherhood ahead!
  2. I buy less than once a month and let them sit and sleep. Now I due give in from time to time and buy a cheap pack of NC like an Oliva or something but they usually aren't good cigars...
  3. Thanks! I wish I had taken some notes because there were some other minor nuances going on in there towards the middle but they escaped me..
  4. I was thinking about getting some of these in a sampler, I heard they take some time to sleep but when you let them sleep they're sensational. Thanks for the awesome post!
  5. I apologize in advance, I had this cigar on Father's Day and didn't have a camera to take pictures. I was just relaxing the afternoon away and then decided after that I needed to make a review, it's been some time since my last one. I originally got this Cigar from the Czar 12 months ago in a robusto sampler. I still have two Partagas d4s left in the humidor from this purchase so that'll be next. I have one more left of these as well, but next is a box purchase! Of the few Bolivar vitola I have tried in the past so far the Royal Corona was my favorite. Aroma @ cold: This cigar smelt like an old farm, something I usually smell when I am hiking around my town in upstate New York. This is an aroma from particularly the cow fields around here, maybe it's the cow patties my wife says smell very good to her. I never thought cow crap (patties) smelt good but when I picked it up in the cigar I suddenly saw her point. Smells are of old hay, grass, and maybe a bit of tea leaves. Draw: Perfection, imo tight but not plugged, just a good resistance without being a milkshake. The opening: The cigar opened up with some of the flavors I picked up in the aroma at cold. Loads of grassy flavors, barnyard, etc. The only thing that was also in the opening that wasn't in the scent before lighting was the spice that Bolivar always delivers, a big pepper kick. I love to exhale through the nose and that's when the spice really punched me a bit. *I'll mention here that I smoked this cigar on an empty stomach and I would say if you can't handle a strong cigar on an empty stomach not to do it with this one. 1st Third: Same flavors and sensations at opening, barnyard, grass, spices, etc. The last legs of the 1/3 opened a very nice mouth coating sensation, almost creamy. Buttered rye toast was there too. 2nd: I always love the end of the first third through until the start of the last third of a cigar. The middle I guess you can call it, the cigar will open up into a stretch and show you what it's made of. I am definitely glad I didn't touch these for a year. The stride of the 2nd third opened more buttery notes, but lets not think this is an HDM Epicure, not that buttery but buttery enough to be wonderful. The strength and body were full on now and I think this was when I started getting the buzz. Who doesn't like a good buzz?! I got nuts in here also, maybe walnuts and some leather? Final Third: All the buttery notes were gone by now and the cigar just started to kick my ass here. Which is fine, I can handle it! All spice and full body here, mouth coating and nostril numbing. The power of this cigar at the end showed me that it still had the legs to sleep for at least three more years and be tamed into something more refined. I really wish I had a good cheese when I smoked this one, it would've be something special. The burn on this cigar stayed straight throughout until the very end of the last third when the strength got a little wild. At that point the burn went "Wonky" but I cut a very tiny bit of the foot and re-lit on a straight nub and finished until my fingers burnt. When I was done my wife said it smelt like I was at a campfire smoking cigars all night long, I felt proud. My head was definitely spinning a bit but luckily the food came right after. I really am happy I have another one of these left, it'll sit probably for another year and then I will see how different that last third turns out. I highly recommend this cigar to anyone that wants to try a Bolivar. 89/100
  6. Honestly, I wouldn't even think of checking the barcode on a box from the Czar. Its just something I trust and have total faith in...
  7. If your humidity keeps raising and you use beads, make sure to use a hairdryer on the beads when they soak up all the moisture they can. This resets them to dry and helps you keep the humi from spiking again. I live in a very humid house in the summer and I have to play with my beads a lot.
  8. Great video! Thanks for taking one for the team!
  9. I really want to save up for a large box of these to put away, that's how good I've HEARD they are.
  10. Well, for starters I am incredibly lazy... Second, I don't own a camera for my computer or any other device that would do the job for editing.
  11. Great quality on the video! I must say that I've never had any AFs before but you made me interested. Thanks for the time!
  12. Great Review, Ken looks like he's ready to swoosh down the mountain side with a smoke in his mouth. The Sir Winston is something I've been meaning to try for a while, I'll have to save up!
  13. I'm waiting for mine to hit at least 12 months before I light them up and try, this was a temptation and a half! Nice review!
  14. I'm definitely going to try those. So far Bolivar tends to be my favorite "Brand" also. I have yet to try a Monte though...

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