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For the show us your smoke I decided to smoke a custom Cuban cigar I acquired from my local LCDH. It was a sublime size with a shaggy foot. I went to Tijuana for dinner at a upscale place called Villa Saverios (yes as hard as it is to believe, Tijuana has some fancy restaurants). No special occasion, just a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Smoking indoors was outlawed in Mexico In 2008, about the same time I started to smoke cigars. Saverios has a bar area within the restaurant that is somehow exempt. My wife and I had a most delicious lunch/dinner and decided to have desert in the bar area. The waiter brought me a cigar ashtray as well as a Cuba Libre. The setting was perfect for a good cigar and it all seemed unreal to be able to smoke a cigar indoors in a restaurant. The funny thing is that on the table next to mine was a pamphlet for Cuban beer, Bucaneros and Cristal. I was never able to try the beer in Cuba, but I guess I have a chance if I really wanted to, for now I will pass.

As for the cigar, It was a dark Sublime sized cigar. I had smoked one of these from the exact same mazo on my birthday last November. This cigar was just like the one I smoked before…. One of the best cigars I have ever smoked, plain and simple. It was smooth throughout. Not a single bit of harshness. It had a perfect burn throughout. The aroma was soo good I had a few strangers compliment me of the nice smell of the cigar. My wife kept on taking puffs of the cigar because she was liked it soo much. I don’t know how to explain what flavors I tasted like many people do here, so I all I can say is this cigar was AWESOME. The whole experience of this Sunday was just perfect, great dinner, spending some time with my wife, and having a great cigar, life couldn’t get better.

Now more than ever I truly can’t wait until El Prez gets his Custom made Cuban Cigars for FOH. I know with Rob’s determination of only selling the best cigars, that his custom made cigars will be some of the best out there and easily attainable by everyone.








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It truly was a great time being able to smoke indoors. I totally missed out in San Diego as it has been a while since we last were allowed to smoke indoors. Mexico just recently outlawed smoking indoors about the same time I started to smoke cigars :rotfl: , so finding a place where they bend the rules is pretty cool.

Dont get hate Cellinisart. :rotfl: Should have thought of that yourself first. :rotfl:

But really, I honestly cant wait until Rob gets his custom cigars as just about every custom cigar has been better than any regular production. I expect nothing but the best from Rob so when they are for sale I bet they are going to be one of the most popular item from Czar.


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