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Gday guys,

I've noticed that some cigars (relative to size of course) burn slower than others. same conditions, same puffing rate etc

for example i just finished a dip 4 (petit corona) that took nearly 70 minutes to smoke! crazy. it was not overly packed and had a good draw. At the perth herf the other day I smoked a Punch RS 11 which only took about 40 mins to smoke and Magnus had a cohiba siglo 1 (like half the size) and his lasted longer.

had some robustos take close to 90 minutes, some closer to 45. I think i smoke about the same rate most of the time.

Just thought it was an interesting aspect..i wonder why? something about how much tobacco is in there, how it is rolled, the type of leaf?



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I have experienced this myself, i feel like it has a ratio to the blend of the cigar. Ligero leaf is a slower burning type of leaf so it stands to reason a cigar with a higher ratio of ligero would burn slower.

In his seminal text Min Ron Nee says it a few times ("the hoyo du series with it's characteristic fast burn" etc.)

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Wouldn't wind also affect your smoke time? I find when its windy I am puffing deeper and sometimes more frequently as I struggle to keep an even burn. Also the uneven burn requires more touchups which I find makes the cigar smoke faster as it gets more direct heat.

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I think it would be hard to pinpoint one particular cigar that always burns slow as there are so many variables. Construction and blend are two things that you can not control that will effect the burn time and only experience and a good retailer can help you pick out the good ones. Storage conditions and smoking atmosphere are controlled by you and can change the speed with which the cigar meets its demise.

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Cigars that burn very slow don't taste as good to me. Cigars with poor draws, due to overfilled or otherwise and wet cigars don't oxidize well and the flavours are not properly revealed. I also find that slow burning cigars do not have good smoke volume which diminishes my enjoyment significanly.

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