Awesome collection of ELs on Craigslist


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I thought you all would get a kick out of this. I just ran across a guy trying to sell a collection of 80 or so cuban cigars for $2300. Cohiba EL 2007, Cohiba Reserva, Cohiba Maduro, Partagas 898 and a single Compay Segundo collectible. He is also selling a limited edition Compay Segundo humidor for $10,000. Anyhow, we could all play a game and see how many things aren't right. I've got a list of at least 5, but I'm sure there are more.


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Nice. Let me see.

1) Cohiba did not release a 2007 LE.

2) Cohiba Maduro band only has 2 rows of dots above "Cohiba" and the font is wrong on the "Cohiba" lettering.

Based on the pic that's all I see.

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I like the fact that the Habanos corner sticker is provided and ready to stick whereever the buyer likes. It also looks like the Cohiba sticker is that way as well.

As for the Cohibas, the dots on the bands are wrong for both the Reservas and the Maduros.

The best one is the single Compay Segundo cigar. Based on Trevor's site, it looks like those cigars came only as Salmones and Petit Coronas. That picture sure looks more like a Robusto to me.

You gotta love craigslist...

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