hi from Ipswich, Queensland!


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Hi all!

I am new to this forum but I thought I should post a hello message.

I am 34, married with first child on the way, currently living in Ipswich, Queensland.

It is the child on the way, which is the reason that I am here. I have always been a very casual cigar smoker. I might have one for new years or the occasional special occasion. It has always been very casual with very little knowledge or thought put in to it. I have however always enjoyed those casual cigars.

However with the first child on the way, I thought I should do the traditional handing out of the cigars on the birth of the first born. However I feel as I should learn about cigars and learn the basics and find some cigars that I like and that I know a bit about. And this leads to where I am now. I am enjoying reading the posts in this forum and have even begun buying cigars to try out based on what people have posted in this forum. I am yet to find the one that I will be handing out when baby is born.... however I already see myself buying more and more cigars. It might be the start of a slippery slope but I do enjoy it and I am enjoying the journey so far. :D

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I have been getting singles so far as I don’t want to be buying a lot of something I don’t like. I also don’t have a storage setup yet either. So far, it has been mainly an educational process in that I have been trying to determine a brand and type that I really like.

So far I have tried a couple of R&J’s, the Cohiba siglo range and a couple of Monti 4’s. I have even been using the video reviews to try and learn to pick up the range of flavours, smells and tastes. :P

I found the R&J’s and Monti 4’s to be a bit too bitter towards the end of them for my liking, which may be purely because I am a casual cigar smoker. The best cigar I have had lately has been a Siglo VI. However there are still plenty of good brands I have yet to try and I am open to any recommendations. :D

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Welcome Munts!

Let's catch up next time you pop into Brisbane and have an hour or so to spare. Check out the premium sampler (top of page in Water Hole Forum) and make up your own singles package from these crackers ;)

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Welcome to FOH Munts. I highly recommend the Partagas 898.

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You started off at the top with a Siglo Vl haha they are one of the favourites! Get stuck into the Diplomaticos marque, if you buy some and decide you don't like them I will buy whatever you have left for double what you paid for them!! Very, very rarely do they disappoint.

Welcome to FOH :2thumbs:

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