RA Phoenicos RE TEB AGO 08

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-Cinnamon colored wrapper, immaculate condition, hardly any noticeable veins

-Pre draw was just tobacco and hay

-First time I have smoked a Phoenico

-Initial puff is some dark coffee, sweet wood and a hint of leather

-Very smooth so far in flavor with a light-medium profile early in the 1/3

-Ash didn’t stay on long, only about 1.5”

-Mild RA typical flavors so far, nothing that stands out too much but flows nicely

-Some Paprika spice at the end of the 1/3

-Start of the 2/3 is coffee, cedar, hay and some sweet spices……..all very smooth

-If I had to guess at this point, this cigar is built for the long haul and not meant to be smoked anytime soon

-Draw and burn are perfect so far

-Aftertaste is kind of like a coffee shake

-2/3 is more sweet spice, coffee, light wood

-Final 1/3 is spicier with continous coffee, wood, hay and hint of leather……all very smooth

-Cigar ends as Medium, smooth

- I would say 9/10 now with potential of 9.4 in years to come, too early now to enjoy the benefits this cigar will show






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