La Gloria Cubana - Medaille d'Or #1 - OSU JUL 02

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The Medaille d'Or #1 is a vitola that is unique - the Delicados Extra,

a long panetela measuring 36 rg x 185 mm.

The cigars are packaged in a varnished 8-9-8 box.

They are on the discontinued list for this year, like so many other thin gague smokes,

and have been getting harder to find for some time.

I have not seen or heard of any box dates later than Aug. 2002.

This box was purchased online, from Hong-Kong, three or four years ago.



Tonight's example came directly from humidifed storage,

and I think that the experiece suffered somewhat,

as I have found that two or three days of dryboxing does these a world of good.


Once clipped, the draw was just a little tighter than my preference.

It lit easily, but smoking took some effort, especially in the first third.

From the first puff, though, the aroma and flavours were spot-on typical LGC.

For me, this blend is as unique as is the cigar's shape.

While there are elements of the Partagas mother-house style, as there are in Bolivar,

this is like Bolivar's mirror-reversed image.

And among the LGC line, the Md'O #1 expresses this character most clearly.


Once again, the flavours needed no coaxing here;

they were up-front and obvious right from the beginning.

It was like a compounded perfume of high-toned citrus;

a hint of a rich, complex honey, like Manuka;

very light-roasted Greek coffee; mixed unroasted nuts; a thyme-like herbal elenent;

and rather delicate, lightly toasted tobacco.

All this is carried on a light body.

The sensations are concentrated in the front of the mouth, especially the front sides.

There is little feeling of depth, and not much tannin.

Like a great white wine, the structure is rather based on the acidity.


There is little if anything to define the thirds as this cigar progresses.

Rather, there is a continual interplay among the various flavours,

from one puff to the next.

The trick here is to smoke slowly, sipping at the cigar,

to avoid overheating and bitterness.

As I was engaged in multiple conversations at the time,

and could not give the cigar my full attention, I did have to re-light twice,

though the cigar burned straight and evenly throughout.


As usual, this cigar provided an excellent evening's smoke,

though slightly marred by over humidification.

It was accompanied with a Jerez Amontillado (sherry),

which was a great match, and filtered water.

I will rate this example a solid 89,

though dryboxing would, no doubt, bring it a few points higher.

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B) Great review!

I have a box of #3's that I dip into once in a blue moon. They are so different from other cuban cigars. I have not tried the other three sizes of the Medaille d'Or, but I'm gonna have to start looking around for a box or two.

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fantastic review!! i had some singles of this box code arrive today i cant wait to try this long skinny! i will wait a few weeks and make sure i dry box as you have all said :drool:

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Oh my God, that's a beautiful cigar. Great review, and nice pics!

I need to get some lighter-bodied Cubans, especially some with such amazing sounding aromatic character. I had a San Cristobal Fuerza this spring that had some pretty amazing lighter-bodied flavours, which I gather is unusual.

Anyway, bravo.

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