“Vegas Raibana Don Aleandro”

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More and more Vegas cigars are undergoing my inspection and is slowly becoming a regular item in my humidor. When reaching for an easy premium cigar, the choice is often the Famosos or the larger Double Corona – Don Aleandro…

What a lovely creamy start with a waterfall of nutty notes in this 6 year old cigar. It’s like smoking a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream. Open an aged white wine, find a comfortable chair and let this fine cigar ease your worries for a couple of hours.

There is milk on the draw, almond on the tongue, a light coffee/chocolate in the aftertaste and a mixture of cocoa, almond and coffee in the scent. There are moments of a heavy coffee and a pinch of pepper in moderations. This is really a relaxing medium bodied smoke with a spectacular earthy flavor spectrum. I rate it 93 from a box dated 09/2004.


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Nice review. I recently smoked my last 04 VRDA. Lovely flavor as you said, but my box was very under filled. A DC should last longer than 45 minutes!

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