Cigar Bars in Miami

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Hello everyone,

Have lurked for some time, but not posted. In case an introduction is needed, am based out of the Pacific Northwest and enjoy nothing more than a good cigar and a few beers while salmon fishing. Anyhow, I will be in Miami FL for a week in April for a convention, (staying close to South Beach). I figured this would be a good place to ask for a recomendation of a good bar to smoke and drink at. Looking for something with good local flavor rather than just going to a hotel bar. I will have my own Habanos, so not looking for a place to buy.

I appreciate the help.

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A quick check of the cigar friendly locations forum shows nothing posted for Miami, but we have a few members from the area (calling Carlos) who

I'm sure will be able to help. In the meantime, give a try.

Welcome to FOH.

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When you are down there in Miami, if you do find some choice spots to enjoy a cigar at, Please make an entry on to , that way others that are looking can find spots through your experience and recommendations.

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I dont know of a specific cigar bar, but when your in South Beach on Ocean Dr. there will be many clubs and restaurants with outdoor seating that you can drink and have a smoke at. There will be girls walking around (hot girls) with "Cuban Cigars" for sale, but i wouldn't waist my time with that if your bringing your own stuff. Other than that, your going to have a great time! Hopefully the weather will be nice. Let us know how it was when you get back.

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