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Found 3 results

  1. @Mattb82's recent topic on Petit Coronas got me thinking about longer cigars, especially in consideration of @earthson's reply in that topic. Whilst I don't mind the ring gauge (47 rg on a Churchill, 49rg on a Double Corona) I don't seem to smoke enough of these, I always seem to reach for the shorter and standard ring gauge cigars by preference. Do you do the same? Give me 2 hours to enjoy a cigar and I find I'll nearly always try to fit a Minuto/Perla or Petit Corona in there! So let's have a look at current regular production of Double Coronas and Churchills... What cigar from this list do you tend to gravitate to and why? One common reason why cigar enthusiasts may not reach for longer cigars is due to a perceived lack of complexity for the time it takes to smoke them. Do you find this true or not? (The table above was screen captured from an advanced search at Cuban Cigar Website here) A couple of points to consider... The Romeo y Julieta Churchill topped @El Presidente's 2015 poll after being 'out-of-favour' for a time The Bolivar Corona Gigantes is currently in @El Presidente's top 5 cigars coming out of Cuba at the moment The Quai d'Orsay Imperiales and Saint Luis Rey Double Corona are rumoured to be discontinued The H.Upmann Sir Winston is a seasonal production cigar and I have no doubt would sell out within minutes if offered for sale on an upcoming 24:24 The San Cristobal de La Habana El Morro is currently not available amongst retailers. This doesn't mean it won't return nor it isn't available at your retailer.(Incidentally, the same applies for the El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme, Saint Luis Rey Serie A and Diplomaticos No.2)
  2. You live in a future dystopian world where Habanos S.A. lets you have access to unlimited regular production cigars from every current marca. The only catch is that you can only choose one cigar from each. Faced with this conundrum, what are your choices? You can pick one form every marca, but no more, or you can avoid any marcas all together. Mine are... Bolivar - Petit Coronas, Cohiba - Lancero, Diplomaticos - No.2 , ERDM - Choix Supreme, H. Upp - Mag 50, HDM - des Dieux, JLP - Cazadores, Juan Lopez - Petit Coronas, LGC - MdO No.2, Monte - Especial No.1, Party - 8-9-8, Por Larry - Montecarlos, Ramon Allones - Specially Selected, RyJ - Exhibicion No.4, SLR - Regios, San Cristobal - El Principe, Trini - Fundadores, VR - Famosos
  3. With all the "Top cigars" lists behind us and the lamentation over the LE's and high end products hogging all the accolades. I thought I'd get a thread going where people can sing the praises of good, regular production CC's. So, here's what I have in mind. Post the cigar, box code and a few words about why you think this cigar is smoking well at the moment or the past few months, years, etc. Let's stick to regular production only. No LE's, RE's or special releases( CGR, MGR, etc) I'm hoping this can be a good reference for people looking for quality regular production releases.

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