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Found 6 results

  1. Yesterday we had the grand opening of a new cigar lounge in my village - lucky again ! I had been blessed by having several places in the village where to enjoy a cigar both alone and with friends. But then the Irish Pub closed so it was good to have Cafe Emrich as an option, good quiet place with good service - until that one also closed... I found a good quiet place again in the Casino - a large lounge that I have been using all by myself, great place and service, but as the name implies, it is a Casino, not a dedicated cigar lounge. Still a good option so far and happy to have it. Now a friend from the Pharmacy cigar smokers group, Reiner, whose wife Stefanie runs a large local Hotel Rheinhessen Inn decided to convert a large empty side-room into a very comfortable cigar lounge. So yesterday, Saturday February 1st we had the grand opening of the Rheinhessen Inn cigar lounge as a big party with all of the ANS Pharmacy Cigar Smokers participating plus many guests from regional cigar clubs and friends from all over Germany attending. I was particularly happy to greet fellow cigar smoker Ingo from Düsseldorf, one of the 747 Captains I shared my last duty flight to Singapore with. The opening party was excellent and very successful - we were all greeted with a glass of local sparkling wine and all drinks were free including a tasty finger food buffet. Reiner had even procured Rosé wine for my favourite drink which I had after a good Weizenbier to start with. A big raffle was organized by Reiner with all the proceeds going to a Mainz support group that provides medical care for homeless people. The prizes were top notch and ca. 500 tickets @2€ were sold. Lucky me for having a cigar lounge - unlucky me for not catching anything out of my 25 tickets ... ? In the end ca. 1500€ were collected as a donation. Additional contribution to support the donation came from Andreas the pharmacist, who auctioned off a superb 2004 original release box of Bolivar Gold Medals. It went for 400€ to a local cigar club. Cigars were also plenty as there is a decent selection of both Cuban and Non Cuban cigars available for sale at the lounge provided by our friend Gottfried. Also remarkable is the large and fine selection of rums and high-end spirits, Reiner being quite a rum lover himself. The lounge itself offers comfortable space for ca. 40 people and has an excellent air extraction system in place, a full bar, tv's, wi-fi and all amenities of a good hotel, including a restaurant and a Vinotheque to taste the excellent regional wines of Rheinhessen. So we are once again blessed in the village having a good cigar lounge and a meeting point for all our cigar friends who visit the ANS and the region. Nino
  2. I Visited Yerevan, Armenia at the beginning of September with my wife. Had a great time sightseeing, visiting friends and family. But one of the highlights was visiting the La Casa Del Habano on Amiryan Street 4, just off of Republic Square. My first visit ever to an lcdh, I was excited to see what they had to offer. My wife had an appointment at the nail salon, so this was my chance. Having previously contacted the store through their facebook page, I was met by the manager, Arto. They have a nice walk in humidor, accessories section, and a large cigar lounge and a bar, but It was empty when I went (11:00 AM). Arto was very helpful replying to all my newbie questions. It was exciting going in the humidor, surrounded by all the famous marcas. I was like a kid in a toy store. Their stock is mostly from '13, '14 and '15. Nice selection of Cohiba, RyJ, H. Upmann, Hoyo, Scdlh specifically the torreon jar, Partagas, Monte, Cuaba and the cheaper stuff. Almost exclusively Habanos in there. The prices are fair, much like online Habanos vendors, and I bought a few samples to try. If you ever travel to that part of the world, I highly recommend that you visit. Jack. K.
  3. After visiting FOH I had the next week in Melbourne . During the weekend with my sister and partner I was hanging around:-)
  4. Sitting here in the executive Air Canada lounge and Matthew sees this gorgeous ad in a magazine for a cigar lounge/steakhouse in Montreal: Looks fabulous!
  5. I´m going to Park City, Utah in the February, and was wondering if anybody knows of a good place to have a smoke (bar, restaurant, lounge) around there... the last 2 times I was there I used to just have a walk around town smoking but that´s really not the best way to approach it thanks for your help
  6. I will be in Vegas in 10 days and am looking for some advice and recommendations. I know about Casa Fuente and Rhumbar, but I'm not sure about which steakhouse or other restaurants to check out. I will be there for 4 days, and can probably splurge on one meal (basically anything other than Joel Robuchon's). Does anyone have any suggestions on restaurants or places to hit up?

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