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I have a relatively small cabinet humidor and don’t currently have the room for stashing a large selection of boxes away for long periods of time. I also smoke too many cigars for my stash to last very long. So, I have started a habit of taking 3 nice specimens from recently purchased boxes and cabs to label and put away for some long term age.

While looking through some boxes of recent purchases I came across this specimen with a slight wrapper tear. Dilemma; try and fix it, dry box it for tomorrow, oh what the hell smoke it tonight and review it. This 11 month old came straight out of mid level of the humidor at 64%. It cannot be as good as the one I had in my shirt pocket (gambling man’s dry box) for an afternoon and evening in Vegas a week or so ago. That one was so good when I did light it up, I had to walk away from the black jack table as it was keeping my attention off the cards.

Well here goes: Punched a perfect dimple with my trusty craftsman. Sampled the draw, perfect, with sweet clean tobacco taste. The foot took to the light of my cheapo torch like a moth to the porch light. By the way did I mention that it is 40 F (4 C) as I sit here sipping a Red Stripe and freezing my fingers?

The first few draws are tasty tobacco and a hint of sweet. The smoke volume is glorious and my mouth is full of flavors as the first third heats up. The burn and draw continue to amaze me as the first third progresses.

As the second third kicks in so does the sweet stewed fruit flavor. The smoke seems to be getting thicker in my mouth, on my tongue and the back of my teeth. Whoa this as good as Vegas, no doubt.


The smoke finishes up at about 40 minutes. It finished well with the fruity flavors starting to take a back seat to a developing hint of coffee but still sweet on the palate.

Nubbed it! Loved it! Definitely need more!

I have been reading the reviews lately that say the RA’s seem to smoke exceptionally well young. The last 4 or 5 I have had from this box have been wonderful. When will these reach their peak? Any clues?

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