2008 PCC Regoinals Pricing Announcement

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Dear members

Some good news :thumbsup:

I and Ravi (Cigars of Habanos) have been in discussions with PCC since the pricing of the 2008 PCC Regionals were released last week (Por Larranaga Belicoso Extra and Bolivar Short Bolivar).

Our discussions focused on the fact of the difficult economic climate and the need to reward our respective loyal clients who have been with us for such a long time. Regional Releases should be a celebration of a “Marque” and to be shared by as many people as possible.

I would like to give kudos to PCC who have agreed this afternoon on a “minimum pricing” revision. As you know, PCC set the minimum pricing on all PCC Regional Releases.

The new pricing is as follows.

Por larranaga Belicoso Extra $360 USD / $657 AUD

Bolivar Short Bolivar $288 USD / $553 AUD

For those who have already purchased at the higher price over the last week I will implement an immediate store credit to be applied to your next order. There is no way that we wish to see you disadvantaged by the change. Lisa has a spreadsheet which has your Regional Release details recorded. If you have any concerns please contact her once she returns on Wednesday this week.

It is not every day that we have a win on pricing. I would like to thank all involved.

We would also like to announce four new Samplers accessible from the Specials page of our forum. Have a look :looking:

El Presidente

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Rob, every once in awhile, whether it is pricing/special/consumer input, Czar's renews my faith in the business world; makes me think that there are a few still left out there that understand the value of longitudinal planning...great work. :thumbsup:

Uhhh - what El Rushbo said :looking:

Thanks for the update Rob ---- Oh LISA!!!!

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