QDO gran coronas PEL NOV \'02

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the wrapper is lighter than most QDO i have smoked in the last few years. so i'm not sure if this is due to age (most cigars i age tend to get darker in color) or if it's just the wrapper from this vintage. pre light draw is smooth and light. just from guessing i'd say that this GC is going to have some lovely and well balanced flavors. the pre light draw also reminds me of a very light tea flavor. rob, i believe i sent you one of these, but i can't quite remember.



so far in the first inch or so it's has that classic QDO flavor of toasted tobacco and it's a bit bready and tastes a bit of sage. to me the this cigar, the QDO GC, is just a perfectexample of a refined smooth and well balanced cigar. it's got the slightest "bite" of something, but it's not quite pepper. although there is definitely a buttery taste behind every other flavor, but it's not over powering.

at almost the halfway point the flavors have calmed down a bit and it's a bit flat. the rest of the cigar didn't really yeild any extra flavors, but the initial flavors definitely got more intense the more it neared the end. the espresso i drank while smoking this was a perfect fit.

again, i love this line and i'm very upset this cigar was **** canned. it makes no sense at all, but what really does these days from HSA?


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Nice work Bruce.

You did send one of these to me which I will try come the 11th of next month. Between you and Van you might convince me that these are more than upmarket peso cigars :-D

well, don't get in a hurry to smoke anything i sent you since the damned mail service took 3 months to get you that package. :tantrum: those cigars damn sure need time to rest up and get some humidity back in them.


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