nfl tipping - dodgy comp?

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for those in the tipping comp, check your results carefully each week. i saw where i got given ten for this week but thought that wasn't right. so counted up on the sit and sure enough - eleven winners tipped yet they have only awarded me ten!! either rob is doing the dirty on me (again - what happened to the new leaf?) or perhaps it is the same IT team running the comp as doing the new forum (whom i am sure are doing a great job and probably got confused instructions).

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» I had an entire week where my picks were not counted (via the email pick

» thing.) Signed in sunday night and nothing was selected.


» Totally fixed. I think Rob's gonna "win" it this year.

i could not agree more. financial downturn and all comps being won by rob or under one of his many aliases (ooops, not supposed to let on).

and rob, i did contact toptipper and have heard absoluteloy bugger all - and i did make it clear that the IT guys were obviously having problems because of dodgy instructions.

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I've actually noticed the same thing Ken.

One of the biggest probs I find is that I enter tipes. Submit them.... then when I go back to check how I went it shows only a handful of my tips registered and the other half are still awaiting a selection. A couple of weeks I didn't pick up on this happening so I missed out on points for winners I actually picked.

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There is a game missing from the win totals this week. I clicked on the RESULTS tab and counted my wins and I should have twelve but they show eleven. Perhaps they aren't counting the Thursday night game in this weekends totals. I don't know. I sent an e-mail to TopTipper.

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Here is the explanation I received from Top Tipper:

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the feedback.

One of the matches was postponed from week 2, so it's point shows up under week 2, not in this week's results. Your total score is still correct.

Let me know if I can help you further


Daniel Kirk

Managing Editor

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Had a match earlier this year where they entered the wrong team as winning.

They were cool and replied they would have it happened due to new staff.

I'm grateful for Rob running the contest free of charge for members. Minor details be minor.

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I have had 2 wins not counted this year. The first year of the tipping compitition I had 1 win not counted and came in second by 1 point.

Stephen, shoot an e-mail to Toptipper. Given we are using hird party software there is nothing I can do personally. It appears they are answering most e-mail requests. Of course....two wins would possibly put you ahead of me. Ignore this post :lifepreserver:

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