My first two Habanos....

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I recently received a sampler from a fellow FOH member a couple weeks ago. The sampler included a Punch Corona, Fonseca Cosanos (Corona?), and a Cohiba Siglio II.

I finally was able to make some down time from work to enjoy a smoke last week, and the second this evening.

The first was the Punch Corona. It was nicely wrapped and had a smooth pre-light draw. Upon pre-light taste, I immediately picked up damp earth and mushroom flavors. However, when toasted and lit, I was greeted by toasty wood and nutty notes that persisted the duration of the smoke. A bit one-dimensional, but enjoyable. None of the pre-light flavors showed up during the smoking session. Pics:



For my second, I enjoyed a Fonseca Cosanos Corona during a post-dinner walk. Upon punching the cap, and lighting the foot, I could taste nut and woody notes. This was followed by hints of coffee with a dash of cream. The finish was long and nicely moist paired with pinot noir from supper. The draw was slightly tight, but not labored. Burn was razor sharp, and held ash for a good 2" before sloughing intact into an ashtray *Plunk*. This was a highly enjoyable CC smoke, medium flavored and good down to the nub. Careful though, as it did smoke hot the last 1/3 of the cigar. Pic:


No pics of the smoke on this one, did not have camera handy.

As for the Cohiba Siglio II, I was recommended that I let it rest a bit. More on that later......;-)

Slippery Slope....YEAH!!!


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