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Press Release For Immediate Release

1 Nov 2008

Por Larranaga Belicosos Extra & Bolivar Short

2008 Regional Edition For Asia Pacific

Made exclusively by Habanos SA under the request of The Pacific Cigar Company Ltd for the Asia Pacific, two new cigar sizes in the Por Larranaga & Bolivar brand.

November 2008 witness the arrival of two rare Regional Editions cigars for Asia Pacific – Por Larranaga Belicosos Extra and Bolivar Short Bolivar – which will be launched across Asia Pacific by The Pacific Cigar Company Ltd. These rare and special cigars will be exclusive to The Pacific Cigar Company Ltd for two years.

Por Larranaga Belicosos Extra (Campana)

The Por Larranaga brand was registered in 1834 by Ignacio Larranaga at 94

O’ Reilly Street, Havana. The name, Por Larranaga, means “by Larranaga”. By the end of the 19th Century, Por Larranaga was a well-known cigar brand favored by the rich and famous. Despite the fame, Por Larranaga has never been a brand of large output, the cigars produced are always in selected quantities and are often sought after by discerning aficionados.

Por Larranaga cigars have a caramel sweet taste. This is the hallmark of the brand. The cigars are also subtly aromatic. The Por Larranaga cigars age extremely well, with aromas and flavors enhancing over time.

The Campana (Belicosos Extra) size was chosen as the 2008 Regional Edition because this is a popular size among connoisseurs who enjoy a full flavour and complex smoke. The Por Larranaga has never before made a belicosos cigar in its portfolio; therefore this 2008 Regional Edition is truly unique and rare.

This 2008 Regional Edition produced by Habanos SA for The Pacific Cigar Company Ltd exclusively for its Asia Pacific markets is a special production that may not be re-produced again. This Por Larranaga Belicosos Extra cigar has all the trademark aromatic caramel sweetness, cloaked in a shroud of complexity waiting to be discovered by cigar aficionados. It has a length of 140mm with a 52 ring gauge size (20mm diameter), making it a full flavoured smoke. The Por Larranaga Belicosos Extra cigars come with a double ring band and it will be much sought after by cigar aficionados and collectors because of its rarity and aging potential. This Por Larranaga Belicosos Extra comes in box of 25 sticks.

Por Larranaga Belicosos Extra – 2008 Regional Edition:

Ring gauge : 20 mm diameter (ring gauge 52)

Length : 140 mm

Sticks : 25 sticks / in a slid lead box

Bolivar Short Bolivar (Petit Edmundo)

The brand – Bolivar – was created circa 1900 by Jose Fernandez Rocha. Named after Simon Bolivar, the legendary figure who liberated most of South America from Spanish Colonial rule in the early 19th Century.

Bolivar is a connoisseur’s brand with robust tastes, flavoured by smokers of the old school. All Bolivar cigars has the uniquely “Bolivar” taste which is heavy earthiness, tangy, fruity sweetness and toasted tobacco. Bolivar cigars, because of their richness, are not for beginners. All Bolivar cigars have the potential of being “brilliant” if aged well.

The 2008 Regional Edition for Asia Pacific – Bolivar Short – is a petit edmundo sized cigar with a length of 110mm and a ring gauge of 52 (20mm in diameter). The 2008 Regional Edition cigar was made by Habanos at the special request of The Pacific Cigar Company. This unique size – Bolivar Short (petit edmundo) – was chosen as it has never existed in this brand and the Pacific Cigar Company hopes to give its Asia Pacific smokers the full signature taste of Bolivar from the first puff. It is a short but complex & robust smoke that is for the most demanding smokers. This Bolivar Short is a half hour cigar, great for a “after lunch” or “drinks before dinner” smoke.

In box of 25 sticks, this 2008 Regional Edition is available exclusively to the Pacific Cigar Company for 2 years.

Bolivar Shorts Bolivar – 2008 Regional Edition:

Ring gauge: 20 mm diameter (52 ring gauge)

Length: 110 mm

Sticks: 25 sticks / in a slid lead box

These 2008 Regional Edition cigars – Por Larranaga Belicosos Extra & Bolivar Short Bolivar – are now available in all the Pacific Cigar Company cigar shops and prestigious cigar stores across the Asia Pacific market.

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