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G’day all!

I’m relatively new to the world of cigars having started at the ripe old age of 58 although over the years I have experimented with different types from time to time.

At the moment I’m into Cuban Cigarillos (minis; clubs; and puritos). So far I’ve tried Upmanns and Quinteros in the Minis; Quinteros in the Clubs; and Romeo y Juliettes and Quinteros in the Puritos.

I’m thinking of trying JLPs in the Minis for economic reasons any thoughts on these?

And I’m also thinking of buying up big (50 that’s big for me) in the Upmann Puritos – again any thoughts would be appreciated.

Rgds JohnDee

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Hey JohnDee, Welcome to the best forum. You will get plenty of recommendations here and I will kick off with my experience being that the minis and clubs regardless of brand seemed much the same to me, its all a very personal thing. Right now I have some Punch Cigarritos in a tin that have smoothed out over a year in the humidor and I find great just to 'sip' when time is too short for anything bigger.

Even though it looks like you go for the stronger flavours I really recommend some of the cheaper cigars like Por Laranaga Panetelas which have a pleasant sweetness and classiness that makes me think they undercharged me.;-) JLP range has some ok cigars that I have found good with a few years on them in proper storage.

Once you try a few you may find it is a slippery slope and you get right into it. I hope so, its a great hobby:-) Whatever your taste, someone here knows something about it.

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