Por Larranaga Robusto EMA OCT07


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PL Robusto EMA OCT07

Firmly rolled, medium Colorado with some streaking. Smells slightly pungent and sweet. Predraw was just right, a little tight with some spiciness present.

This was a strong cigar. I have only smoked a few from one of my 3 boxes of these, and each has been strong. But the flavors on this one were more distinct and synthesized. Still young with some harshness, but a leather character appeared first, then clear coffee notes and a sort of honeyed earth, almost like a strong Cohiba robusto, were evident, along with the peppery aspect of a Partagas SD4. In the middle portion there were some nutmeg like sweet spices, covered up by dark caramel and then ushered away by pepper and coffee on the finish, Quite pleasant and so much better than the previous exampled I’ve had.

The second half was richer, almost verging on bitterness at times, with heavy dark chocolate attack and finish. That and dark coffee and a rich, leathery character. I think this is the part of the cigar that will be fantastic with some age. The smoke smells like strong tobacco with some sweet spice. Burn has been adequate and draw still tight and perfect, with goodly amounts of smoke. The leather increases and there is a bit of slightly bitter fruit on the finish, like Seville oranges if I was forced at gunpoint to guess. In the final stages a roasted nut character emerged, along with a return of the honeyed tones.

I would score this an 89-90 right now, but with huge potential. The middle 10 minutes of the cigar was fantastic and in a few more years will even out some. Quite good at a year, however.

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