Por Larranaga Montecarlo late ‘07


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I had only heard good things about the Montecarlo which was why I picked up a couple to try. All the ones I have smoked though have suffered from poor construction (way underfilled) and the same acrid flavour. None of them have been a patch on the PLPC.

I've either been unlucky in my samplers or the Montecarlo just doesn't agree with me :-(

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I picked up a couple of these from the Czar at the beginning of this year as part of a sampler. I don’t know the box code or exact date but I would guess this example was from mid to late 2007.

I had read good things about this cigar, and being a fan of thin ring gauges I decided to pick up a couple to sample. I tried one after the mandatory 30 day rest period and wasn’t actually that impressed. The cigar was very underfilled, harsh, and was full of tannins. I put this down to youth or jetlag and decided to wait 6 months before smoking another.

Over the weekend I picked up my remaining Montecarlo and gave it the once over. Again, very underfilled towards the foot, so much so that I could gently compress the last third until it was flat, but towards the ring it felt much better. Aroma at cold was pure tobacco. I didn’t know what to expect after I lit her up…


For the first few draws I thought I had picked up the wrong cigar – the profile was so similar to a RASCC… a few draws on though the cheesecake flavour dissipated and the cigar moved into a much harsher, younger phase. The first half, which was very underfilled, was very unpleasant – acrid, tannins, and with a tinge of over burned caramel to every draw.


As we pass the halfway mark we venture into the area of better construction and at last I get a hint of the Por Larranaga sweetness and caramel. This is a welcome relief from the first half, but it doesn’t last long… into the final third the cigar lapses back to being harsh and tarry.


I really wanted to like this cigar as I had read some good reviews on it and I do like the PLPC profile. I also like thin ring gauges so was hoping that this could be added to my arsenal. Possibly the cigar was too young – I would say this definitely has a lot to do with the harshness – but I think the construction let this stick down. All in all a real shame. :-(


I would be interested to know if other members think it would be worth picking up a few boxes and leaving them to rest for 3-5 years...? Do you think this would remove the harshness and encourage the caramel flavours?

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