Flat Partagas Shorts from 04

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Hi Everyone,

I found some unique characteristics in some Shorts from 2004 and wanted to see if anyone had any similar experiences with that year.

I would say: very light, flat, green (odd, considering age), slightly sour first 1/2. Last 1/3 they start to get back to what I usually expect from a Short.

I like Shorts because of the rich, round, punch they have, but these are very light and flat so far. I have read (here and there) that Shorts didn't really become the flavor bombs they are now until 2-3 years ago?

Or have they mellowed too much?

"sick period?"

Just a dud cab?

Other theories?


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I have found that a large % of regular 04 stock in many brands has been bland. I now avoid that year. Bolivars are especially disappointing. There was a blend change in late 03 that seemed to take away much distinctive flavor. Also, introduction of draw testing machines around this time lead to under filling. Stick to cigars before JUL 03 or get 06 & later.

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Lots of 2004 Partagas were "duds". From my experience, I'd include the '04 898V's, Lusi's, and Shorts in that category. The only '04 Party that I enjoyed was the PSD4. Fortunately, in early 2005 the Shorts came back. I'm currently smoking from a MAR05 cab that is excellent. Strong, tasty, and spicy. DIC05 are good, too.

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I have three cabs from '04 and they are typical Partagas--strong and rich with no hints of the blandness referred to here. They can't all be bad, I guess.

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» I wish I could get the month date, but I cant :(

I was wrong! They are July. Was there anything particular during those months?

I have had a few more, they were much better (no sour tinge). Still very mild compared to the newer ones I am used to.

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